Translations into and from Russian

In spite of the current economic crisis, Russia remains an important and active export and investment market.

Certain documents are required for trading, such as instruction manuals, technical handbooks and reports, product descriptions, training documents, repair instructions, software and documents.
There is also demand for professional translations in bookkeeping, finance and banking.

You may also require express translations, testimonies and official documents.

Germany is Russia’s most important trading partner and it supplies Russia primarily with industrial finished goods. As a countermove, Russia is Germany’s most important oil supplier and provides around a third of the gas used in Germany. In 2005 the combined trade volume amassed 35 billion euro.

Interesting facts about Russian

Russian is the most widely spoken Slavic language and is regarded a world language. Together with Ukrainian (formerly known as Little Russian), White Russian and Rusyn, it forms the East Slavic language group.

Standard Russian is based on dialects which were formed in the area around Moscow. Some 164 million people speak Russian as a native language, 130 million of whom live in Russia alone. Further speakers live in the succession states of the Soviet Union and the Baltic states.

In addition to this, just under 8 million immigrants speak Russian in Germany and other European countries, in the USA and Israel. Russian has many loanwords from German which are obvious: aisberg, buterbrod, rjuksak and schnizel to name a few.

Likewise, many Russian words have been integrated into German: Datscha, Pogrom, Bolschewik, Steppe, Kolchose and many more.

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