Interesting facts about Polish

Polish is a West Slavic language of the Indo-European language family and is closely related to Czech, Slovakian, Kashubian and Sorbian.

Polish is not only spoken by the 38 million citizens in Poland but also abroad: there are significant Polish minorities in the United States, Russia, Lithuania, White Russia, the Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Canada, Ireland, Argentina and Australia. Polish flourished in the 16th century and with its richness and smoothness became one of the most important languages of Central Europe.

The educated of the Renaissance fought for the further development of Polish and to enforce it over Latin. More recently Polish has been influenced by Italian, French, High German, English, Ukrainian, White Russian, Hungarian and Turkish.

With the globalisation of recent years, English in particular has influenced Polish language use. Like every living language, Polish has also been subject to normal developments and changes over time, both in grammar and vocabulary.

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