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Italy’s principal trading partner is Germany. In 2008, 12.8 percent of Italian exports went to Germany, while 16 percent of Italy’s imports came from Germany. The clear focus of German foreign investment is northern Italy.

In the first nine months of 2009, the most important exports included engines and mechanical engineering products, metals and metal construction products, textiles and clothing, transportation equipment, plastic and non-metal mineral products, products of the chemical industry, electronic and precision apparatus and food products.

Among the European supplier countries to Italy, Germany was in first place in the same period, followed by France, the Netherlands, Spain and Belgium.
Source: The Foreign Office and Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Italy.

To facilitate smooth trade with Italy, certain documents have to be translated, these include e.g. product descriptions, instruction manuals, technical handbooks and reports, training documents, repair instructions, software and documentation. The precise translation of these documents is essential for a successful business relationship.
Also in the areas of bookkeeping, finance and banking, there is great demand for professional translations.
Furthermore, express translations, testimonies and official documents may also be required.

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