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For centuries, France’s principal trading partner has been Germany. This is reciprocal as in turn, France has traditionally been the biggest consumer of German exports.

In 2009 France imported goods with a total value of around 532 billion dollars and exported goods in the value of around 456 billion dollars. Mathematically, France therefore has a trade deficit.
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Interesting facts about French

French is spoken by more than 200 million people worldwide. After English it is the second most studied language in the world. In Europe, French is spoken primarily in France itself and also in large parts of Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and by native speakers in the Aosta Valley in Italy.

French remains the official language in all of France’s overseas territories. It is also spoken in extensive parts of Africa, the Antilles or Oceania, and in many former colonies of Belgium. In the Maghreb countries – Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco – French has thrived as a language of instruction and culture. Canada is a significant linguistic enclave of French: here it is the native language in its largest province, Quebec, and is a national official language.

French evolved from Francien, a dialect spoken during the Middle Ages in today’s Ile-de-France region. It spread just as the French Kings’ national territory extended. By 1539, King Francis I declared French the only language of his kingdom, yet in the 18th century, it was spoken by only around half the population of today’s France.

After the Revolution, regional languages were actively opposed and it wasn’t until 1951 that lessons in regional languages were allowed in France’s schools again. Still today, the Constitution of France of 1958 lays down that French is the sole official language of France. It is not only the main language spoken in France, but also the vehicle of French culture in the world.

It is a world language spoken on all continents and is the official language of many important international organisations. Today French is still regarded as a language of diplomacy, although in the globalised age English dominates in many areas.

To facilitate smooth trade with French companies, certain documents have to be translated, including e.g. product descriptions, instruction manuals, technical handbooks as well as reports, training documents, repair instructions, software and documentation. The precise translation of these documents is essential for a successful business relationship.
There is also great demand for professional translations in the areas of bookkeeping, finance and banking
In addition to this, testimonies and official documents [e.g. export documents] may be required.

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