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Croatian is a Slavic language of the South-West Slavic branch within the Indo-European language family. Croatian has significant similarities with Montenegrin, Bosnian and Serbian. Since the breakup of Yugoslavia in the 1990s, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian and Montenegrin have generally been considered separate languages.

Croatian is the official language in Croatia, one of 3 official languages in Herzegovina and Bosnia, and one of the six official minority languages in Vojvodina (Serbia).

Some 7 million people speak Croatian as a native language, around 4 million of whom live in Croatia itself. Further native speakers are found in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Vojvodina, and in Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Italy, North America and South America.

Croatian uses the Latin alphabet supplemented with special characters and comprising 30 letters. Dubravka Ugresic (The Ministry of Pain) and Edo Popovic (The Players) are among the best known Croatian writers.

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