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Translations Cologne: Our team

Translations Cologne: team profile

Context translators

Our translators are native speakers who translate into their own native language. They are fast and professional with many years of experience. Of our over 350 translators, many have had careers in academia or work as lawyers, engineers and doctors. Writers and artists are also among those professionals who have gravitated to Context. Accomplished linguists, marketing people, IT specialists, scholars and even the occasional mathematician have found a home at Context.

Context copy-editors

Copy-editing is a craft demanding attention to detail, a craft which must be honed. We subject our Context copy-editors to regular tests to see if they can find those tricky mistakes left behind by even the best of authors.

Context copywriters

Many years of experience working with numerous companies and completing hundreds of jobs writing claims and slogans or translating them give the copywriters at Context an advantage when it comes to finding the right wording. Our slogans will give you the edge!

Context project managers

Friendly, service-oriented professionals who stay cool under pressure! Experts when it comes to the software and communication skills needed – no matter what kind of project you may have.

This team can be entrusted with both big, long-term projects in multiple languages or one-liners for your ad posters.
Friendly but professional, Context project managers are also capable of handling fast, high-pressure jobs with quick turnaround times.

Whether it be project planning, coordination, tracking or quality control, the project managers at Context have the skills, the translator network and the tools (hardware and software) to get the job done.