Technical writing, copywriting

Technical writing, copywriting

Nowadays, companies are realizing the importance of well written copy for the success of their ads and marketing campaigns. Both online and offline content must steer the reader in the direction desired by the advertiser.

In the course of our 20 years of development, we have gained valuable experience in journalism, advertising, communications and publishing. During that time our team has researched and written for global leaders in a variety of industries.

Context offers technical writing, copywriting and editing for your documentation needs, e.g.

  • Website content development
  • Advertising materials
  • Marketing materials
  • Your manuals
  • Corporate communication
  • Information packages
  • Newsletters
  • Technical articles
  • Business documents
  • Training manuals

We also adapt texts to meet the specific needs of your target markets, taking into account the subtle (or not so subtle) differences between e.g. American and British English.

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