Localisation: Helping you break into new markets

Localisation is the process of adapting software to different countries, languages, cultures or markets. This may include documents, software, multimedia and websites. Context localisation services include translation of:

  • HTML
  • Images
  • Database
  • Static content
  • Source code

We also test and implement strings in the local language you require.

We know exactly what it means to adapt your website for another culture – and we are very aware of the great attention to detail this requires.

Translation is one form of localisation. Changing program parameters from e.g. imperial to metric is another. This also involves changing the actual program coding so that it works as desired in the language and country of your choice.

One case in point:
Our expertise in the area of localisation attracted one of the world’s largest management consultancies to award us the massive task of localising their new internet-based organisational diagnostic tool into 8 languages simultaneously. We stood up to this challenge and it turned out to be one of the largest projects we’ve ever undertaken, involving around 45 linguists for a period of 8 months. Our customer was delighted with the results and we’re proud to say has continued to avail of our services regularly ever since.

Another example:

A sizable localisation project was carried out in the field of online banking where we assisted a major Swiss bank in the development of an interface for international customers.

Other examples of our work have been in areas such as tele-learning, education, vocational training, to name but a few.

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